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Case Studies

Case Study: MetLife

A powerful partnership...


MetLife was in urgent need of a new marketing partner with branding, promotional products and distribution expertise. They needed a few other things as well:
  1. To move beyond a paper catalog and 800 number for this program
  2. A flexible, dedicated website with customized ordering that would work for 2 very different audiences: internal employees and field reps
  3. Low quantity minimums on inventoried orders
  4. Capability to handle not only inventoried items, but custom promotional product requests as well
  5. Commitment to finance new inventory and assume balance of existing inventory
  6. Sophisticated reporting tools and solid ROI
  7. An internal mandate to work with a minority, woman-owned business

The CMS vision was to develop an online tool that would work in conjunction with MetLife's marketing department to support marketing initiatives even as it provided a solution for the low-volume, independent sales rep market. The site would be designed for flexibility and growth so as to be fully capable of meeting MetLife's evolving requirements and opportunities.


CMS launched the MetLife promotional store 7 years ago with 48 products, cycling inventory every 90 days and introducing new products each quarter. Today, the site offers over 310 inventoried SKUs, fulfills over 100 orders each day and has expanded from $350,000 in sales in 2001 to $3.5 million in sales today.

The site addresses the needs of both the domestic and global MetLife audience's offering same-day order fulfillment on inventoried items, customization on non-catalog requests, and access to a United Media art bank of over 3500 graphic images, as well as global translation and currency conversion features.

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