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Case Studies

Case Study: Dell

Going global...


Dell's orders for marketing support material were handled manually through an online competitor that offered only a "canned" non-customizable ecommerce site with no automated inventory or activity reporting capabilities. Beyond not having a custom- solution, now Dell was expanding globally and would require customs expertise as well. The operation of the site required 2 dedicated employees within Dell to administer the program and would likely soon require more.


CMS was introduced to Dell by the customs and logistics consultant that had worked with CMS on behalf of the MetLife program. CMS presented an extremely customized, highly flexible solution with a focus on streamlining the administrative and reporting capabilities. The site was designed with a proprietary logon and order approval features as well as account history and order editing capabilities.


The Dell site services 35 field reps, corporate and external marketing departments and supports over 150 Dell seminar and tradeshow events around the world.

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